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Heating Wise is your reliable online resource for everything boiler and heating related. We understand the importance of having not just a high-quality heating system, but also best-in-class installation options to ensure your home or office environment is energy efficient and runs smoothly. 

Whether you have a question relating to a broken boiler or it’s time to install a new central heating system, our team of writers and researchers is on hand to take you through everything you need to know, in language that speaks right to the heart of the most critical heating and plumbing issues of the day. 

At Heating Wise, we’ve curated a series of clear yet detailed and accurate guides to help simplify what can often be presented as complex issues for the non-technical among us when it comes to boilers and central heating systems. We’ve pulled them together into one easy to navigate and practical website to help you make better informed decisions, all from a place of enhanced consumer knowledge. After all, knowledge is power, and armed with information we hope it will help you avoid falling prey to any potential rogue traders operating in this space.

Boiler Reviews

Whether you’re searching for a combi, regular, system or even an oil boiler, our team has reviewed the lot! When it comes to understanding boilers we’re one of the best in the business.

There’s no one size fits all solution when it comes to your heating requirements. Each home is different and has its unique set of energy efficiency considerations. But one thing you can depend on is that investing in a reliable boiler, that won’t let you down the first time there’s a chill in the air, is essential to protect your home and your family. 

That’s why at Heating Wise our team of experts looks across the market at a wide range of products from reputable brands and manufacturers and prioritizes exceptional functionality and performance, alongside the efficiency rating of the products on offer. We also understand the importance of consumer considerations including setting a realistic overall budget plus having access to a comprehensive product warranty which can be a lifesaver. Nobody wants to get stuck with a boiler that breaks down the first winter it’s put to good use!

We’ve literally reviewed scores of boiler brands, across multiple categories to bring you the very best boilers and heating solutions available. Can’t find the boiler review you’re looking for? Let us know and we’ll soon fix that.

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Boiler Installation

If you don’t know your combi boiler from your conventional boiler don’t worry, we’ve got you! We appreciate you’re not an engineer, you may never even have heard of a system boiler until today, let alone know how to install one. That’s where our comprehensive boiler installation guides can help. 

Our team of experts has put together a number of detailed guides taking you through the importance of choosing the right boiler for your home. After all, it’s safe to say that your central heating system is the very hub of your home. It’s one of the most important investments you will make therefore it’s essential that you do your research into not just the type of boiler you need, but also best practices when it comes to installation and on-going maintenance of your boiler. You can trust Heating Wise to deliver all the advice you need to make the best informed decision about this household investment.

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Boiler Maintenance

You’ve scoured our boiler reviews section and picked the manufacturer that’s right for you. You’ve even read our guides to the best boiler installation companies and up-leveled your knowledge about your chosen central heating system. But what about maintaining your boiler and ensuring your home is prepared for the chillier winter months? Never fear, Heating Wise is here with its boiler maintenance guides

Just think of our website as your one stop reference guide, helping you troubleshoot your heating system so it can be maintained in tip top condition all year round. With our detailed and accurate boiler maintenance guides you’ll discover all the safety and service checks you need to know about to keep on top of and to ensure the optimal and most energy efficient functioning of your home all year round. 

Boiler Maintenance Guides
Boiler Servicing
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Boiler Breakdown Guides

Despite investing in a sound and reliable heating system and choosing a trusted and reliable expert to ensure your boiler is installed correctly, boiler breakdowns can happen. With wear and tear, issues arise to most domestic appliances and while your toaster blowing a fuse might be a nuisance, if your boiler fails to ignite, especially on the first snowy morning of winter, it can be catastrophic for you and your family. Waking up to a freezing home and no hot water is nobody’s idea of fun. 

At Heating Wise, we’ve put together a series of boiler breakdown guides to help you quickly analyze and respond to why your boiler might not be igniting. Yes, age may have its part to play, but so too could poor maintenance. So if you are concerned about your boiling breaking down, take a look at our comprehensive guides so you can troubleshoot the best and most efficient solution. 

Boiler Breakdown Guides
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