The Most Common Vokera Boiler Problems and How to Fix Them

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Last updated: October 31, 2023

Vokera boilers are a popular choice for many people looking to heat their homes. They can be found in both new and old homes, as well as commercial buildings. Boilers are the heart of any heating system, which means that they need to be maintained regularly; this includes everything from routine service appointments to emergency repairs when there is an issue with your boiler.

Vokera boilers are pretty popular, but they aren’t particularly dependable. Because many major heating merchants and installation firms prefer them as a budget boiler, you see them in many homes. The clue as to their reliability comes with the warranty which is almost always no more than 2 years. This is an indication that the manufacturer doesn’t expect them to last too much longer than that.

As with all boilers, Vokera products have some issues that crop up a lot more frequently than others. In this post, we’ll go through the five most common problems that we’ve encountered with Vokera boilers. We’ll tell you what causes it and what you need to do to repair it.

Vokera boilers, like all boilers, have their share of issues that show up more frequently than others. We’ll go through the five most common problems we’ve encountered in Vokera boilers in this post and what you need to do to fix it are both addressed.

Getting to Know Vokera Boilers

Vokera is a well-known home heating brand in the United Kingdom and Ireland, owned by the Riello Group. The company was founded over 30 years ago and takes pleasure in offering energy-efficient heating solutions to meet customers’ central heating requirements.

Vokèra boilers and heating equipment are in use by more than 1.6 million consumers in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and they are a brand known to both homeowners and professional engineers. They make gas-fired combi, normal, and system boilers that are suitable for a wide range of property sizes and are much less expensive than the top boiler manufacturers.

The Most Common Vokera Boiler Problems

In this section, we will identify the five most common Vokera boiler faults. In our experience, these are the issue that we see most frequently with Vokera boilers. Here we’ll take a look at the five most common Vokera boiler problems based on our experiences. We cannot guarantee that your problem will be addressed in this post, but there is a good probability that it will.

Problems with the Fan

Vokera boilers are low-cost models, which means they feature low-end components. While most boilers can manage a fan failure, Vokera boilers have a greater likelihood of having a broken fan. If your Vokera boiler’s fan fails, you may expect to receive an error code A03 on most models.

How to Fix It

This is a problem that will need the assistance of an expert engineer. They’ll need to inspect your boiler and have a closer look to discover what’s wrong with it.

The most typical reason for the problem with Vokera fans is worn bearings. Getting a spare kit for this should not be difficult for your engineer, and it should not cost too much to repair. It’s worth asking your engineer about your fan while he’s inspecting it. If the boiler is on its last legs, it’s time to replace the whole thing; however, this will be more expensive.

If there isn’t a problem with the fan in your Vokera boiler, an A03 error might also be caused by a wiring issue. Your engineer will check this using a multimeter and fix any problems that are found.

Ignition Problems

If your Vokera boiler won’t start, there may be a variety of reasons. The most typical reason we discover in Vokera boilers is faulty ignition wires or a gas valve fault. Both of these are significant issues that may be addressed.

If the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) of your Vokera boiler is faulty, things get much more serious. This is a significant problem, and if you need a replacement, it will most likely cost more than £500 because you’ll probably want to replace the boiler instead of repairing it. Error code 10 is displayed on a Vokera Linea boiler if the ignition fails. It will be an A01 error code on the Vokera Compact and most other models.

How to Fix It

This is another problem that will need to be addressed by an engineer. If the problem is with the ignition wires or the gas valve, your engineer will be able to replace them without costing too much money. If it’s a concern with the PCB, your engineer will have to run some tests. However, Vokera boilers are not as durable and there’s a good probability that you’ll need to replace them. Discuss it with your engineer, but they will almost certainly recommend a completely new boiler.

The Water Isn’t Hot Enough

The most common reason for water that isn’t heating up or only heats up when you switch on the heat is an issue with your boiler’s diverter valve. This is the component in your boiler that directs water to either your taps or your radiators and towel rails.

The diverter valve in most Vokera boilers is a low-quality component that is frequently damaged. The Flowmatic and Unica HE are especially vulnerable. Your diverter valve maybe just stuck. However, if the component is damaged, this becomes a much more serious problem.

How to Fix It

A blocked diverter valve might be caused by sludge or debris, and a thorough cleaning may remove the obstruction. If the diverter valve is truly defective, the washers on the diaphragm of the component have most likely worn down. These can be fixed, but replacing everything is typically more expensive than repairing it.

Vokera diverter valves are less expensive than other manufacturers’ models, so you should be able to purchase this part for around £250. But you’ll be replacing items that are the same, and it’s feasible that the problem will return. Rather than spending such a large amount on one replacement part, you may be better off replacing your Vokera boiler with a more dependable brand.

Condensation Blockage

Vokera boilers also have a propensity to develop condensation blockages. This may occur in any boiler, and depending on the type, Vokera boilers will display a fault code of 92, 93, or 95. The blockage will most likely be within your condensation trap or the condensation pipe that allows overflow of water from your boiler. The most typical reason for clogged pipes is ice, which occurs most frequently in the winter.

How to Fix It

Check your condensation pipe if it’s cold outside since this is the most likely cause of freezing. This is something that you can easily repair yourself. To thaw the ice, simply pour a little warm water over the device. Once the ice has gone, check for any additional blockages and then lag the pipe to try and prevent it from re-freezing. If it’s not cold enough, debris can still clog the pipe, so take a peek and remove any obstructions you can discover. If the problem is with your boiler’s trap, you should get a professional to examine it, although it will certainly just require a thorough cleaning.

Low or No Pressure

Many boilers have an issue with low or no pressure. On Vokera models, it’s generally indicated by error codes 40, 41, or A04. These blunders happen most often on the Vokera models such as Linea as well as Vokera Compact. A leak in your boiler or elsewhere in your heating system can lead to low pressure.

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How to Fix It

The filling loop might be used to increase the pressure on your Vokera boiler. However, while this may get your heater going temporarily, it will not address the underlying issue. To do this, you must first locate and repair the leak. This might be coming from many different sources, including:

  • The boiler’s heating pump.
  • Expansion vessel.
  • The radiators, radiator valves or your towel rails.
  • The boiler’s auto air vent.
  • The stop taps and gate valves.

To discover where the leak is coming from, check the radiators and pipes around your properties. Even the tiniest of leaks might lead to a loss of pressure over time. If the leak is small, you may be able to correct it with a few minutes’ work and some duct tape. However, if the leak is severe, you’ll almost certainly need expert heating agent assistance.


Vokera boilers are not the most dependable heating system in the UK. While they do have many positive reviews, many problems regularly occur with them and you should be aware of them before purchasing one. You need to make sure your boiler is in good working order because it could cost a lot if any repairs or replacements become necessary later on down the line. If you want to avoid the potential problems of a Vokera boiler, you should consider purchasing one from another manufacturer.

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