Understanding Landlord Gas Safety Certificates and Its Cost

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Last updated: October 31, 2023

Being a landlord mean bringings  in extra money from renting out your properties. However, it also means being responsible for the safety of your tenants and their guests as well as maintaining certain standards in your home. One thing you should be aware of is that, even though it may seem like a simple task to do such as turning on or off a gas stove (which by the way can be turned into an explosion if done wrong), there are still dangers that come with it and can cause a lot of harm if not done property.

When a landlord rents out a property, it is their responsibility to ensure that the property is safe for the tenant to live in. This includes ensuring that all gas appliances in the property are safe. To do this, a landlord must have a valid Landlords’ Gas Safety Certificate.

In this post,  we will look at what a Landlords’ Gas Safety Certificate is, why it is important, and how much it costs.

What Is A Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificate?

A Landlords’ Gas Safety Certificate is a document that proves that a landlord has had all of the gas appliances in their property safety checked by a Gas Safe registered engineer. The certificate is issued by a qualified gas engineer, who will come to the property and carry out a safety check. This is done by carrying out an inspection of all gas appliances in the home as well as checking their condition and any work that has been carried out on them recently. The certificate will state how long it remains valid for – usually either 12 months or 24 months depending on which type of certificate is issued.

The Gas Safe Register publishes a report detailing the inspections completed during your annual gas safety inspection. The document must be given to any existing renters and anyone who moves in within a year of receiving the CP12 certificate.

Landlords need to have a Landlords’ Gas Safety Certificate as it proves that they are taking their responsibility seriously and are ensuring the safety of their tenants. It also gives peace of mind to both the landlord and the tenant, knowing that all gas appliances in the property have been checked by a qualified engineer and are safe to use.

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Why Is A Landlords’ Gas Safety Certificate Important To Have?

Having a valid Landlords’ Gas Safety certificate is important for many reasons: it protects the landlord and their tenants; it ensures that all gas appliances in the property have been checked by a qualified engineer; and, as stated above, it gives both the landlord and the tenant peace of mind.

A valid Landlords’ Gas Safety Certificate also protects a landlord from prosecution, which could mean losing their tenancy or even facing up fines of up to £6,000, or up to six months in prison under current legislation. It is for this reason that it is important not only to have your gas appliances checked by a qualified engineer but to have the Landlords’ Gas Safety Certificate as proof that this has been done.

Is It Illegal Not To Possess a Landlords’ Gas Safety Certificate?

Yes, it is illegal for a landlord to not possess the said document. Every 12 months, the law required landlords to conduct a gas inspection. The property should not be occupied without the inspection and certificate, according to the legislation. In addition, failing to follow the established laws and regulations is considered negligence or ignorance in the United Kingdom. A person who is found to be negligent or ignorant may be sentenced to jail time or fined.

The following are the penalties that apply for failing to possess a gas safety certificate:

  • A landlord who fails to inspect the gas appliances in their property may receive fines as high as £6,000
  • or the landlord might face imprisonment for six months
  • Your tenant may sue for civil damages in court
  • Your property insurance will be invalid
  • In the case of your tenant’s death as a result of defective or hazardous gas systems or devices, you may be held responsible for Manslaughter charges.

As you can see, it is important for landlords to have a valid Landlords’ Gas Safety Certificate in order to protect themselves and their tenants.

What’s Included in The Gas Safety Inspection?

The Landlords’ Gas Safety Certificate includes a safety inspection of all gas appliances in the property.

Gas safety inspections should include checking the equipment and appliances that use gas. The gas boiler and gas supply are examples of this. In addition, the inspection should cover:

As required by the laws, checking for necessary tightness and safety on gas appliances

  • Make sure there is adequate ventilation in the rooms
  • All gas and burner pressures in the property should also be checked against recommended parameters.
  • Examine the flue flow for poisonous gas exhalation
  • Keeping track of both working and standby gas pressure
  • Examine safety equipment to ensure they are in proper working order
  • Checking whether any misuse of gas equipment or goods has occurred

This inspection must be conducted by a qualified gas engineer from your trusted company, before your submission of your annual Landlords’ Gas Safety Certificate.

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How often do you need to renew your Gas Safety Certificate according to the law?

Every 12 months, you’ll need to have your properties inspected for gas safety.

The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998, which are legally binding, state that all homes supplied with gas must have a GSC. The Landlords’ Gas Safety Certificate should demonstrate any checks performed during your annual gas safety checkup.

How Much Does A Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificate Cost?

As with anything, the cost of a Landlords’ Gas Safety Certificate varies depending on who carries out the inspection and where you live. A simple Google search will turn up hundreds of gas safety check firms and certificates for roughly £40 to £45. These businesses, unfortunately, will charge you more for each appliance examined and extra for any required repairs.

We suggest that you do your homework carefully and receive a few quotations as well as a thorough explanation of the service fees.

What factors influence the cost of a Landlords’ Gas Safety Certificate?

Many firms charge an extra fee for additional appliances. In addition, any necessary repair work may be required in order for the gas equipment to meet current regulations, which will raise the price. Most landlords and property management companies simply agree that if the required repairs are less than £100, they will not incur a second trip.

Are there any incentives for landlords who own multiple properties?

Some firms that provide landlord gas safety inspections and CP12 certificates may give landlords and property management businesses a multi-property discount. Please contact your trusted gas safety company for a no-obligation quotation for your multiple properties gas safety checks.

Gas safety responsibilities of the tenants

While the landlord has the responsibility of ensuring that all gas appliances in a property are safe, it is also the tenant’s responsibility to report any defect or potential hazard they see. In addition, they are required to ensure that all reasonable repairs and maintenance on these items be completed by a Gas Safe registered contractor or engineer. The Landlord cannot be held liable for any injury or fatalities that may occur as a result of a gas appliance if the tenant had not reported it.

When it comes to utilizing gas appliances, tenants should be aware of the regulations. If they are not sure whether the systems have been serviced recently, they should utilize them. They should also only utilize gas equipment for its intended purpose. They should not, for example, use a gas oven to heat an entire home. According to the law, appliance misuse is prohibited, and the tenant will be held liable for any losses incurred as a result.

During inspections, the tenant should also allow Gas Safe engineers access to the property. If there’s a gas problem or a gas emergency, the tenant should:

  • Shut off the gas appliance as quickly as possible.
  • Open the windows and doors of their units.
  • Turn off the mains gas supply.
  • Leave the premises immediately.
  • Inform the landlord immediately and explain the situation.
  • Call the National Gas Emergency to report about the gas emergency.

So there you are… Now you have learned  everything you need to know about Landlord Gas Safety Certificates! As a responsible landlord, it is important for you to be up-to-date on the latest safety regulations and understand what is required of you as well as the cost of these services.

It’s also crucial that your tenants are aware of their responsibilities when it comes to gas appliances in order to keep everyone safe. For more information, please contact your local gas safety check company.

Remember, a Gas Safe registered engineer should always be utilized when making any changes to the gas system in your property. As the saying goes: Better safe than sorry!

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